Since my last blog update in September, I feel like I have been on a whirlwind of a ride! Two weeks after racing Muskoka, I raced the 70.3 in Augusta, GA.  I really like the race in Augusta as I feel that the course, especially the swim, really suits me. However, It was a hard race for me to get ready for emotionally. Since I have been coaching myself, I have become a lot more aware of my physical, emotional, and mental readiness for races. I no longer follow a schedule blindly, not listening to my inner voice. This year, I have come to realize that I like doing “blocks” of training in between races. I like a proper taper before race day and a proper decompress after race day. Not only does this help me physically, but I mentally start to feel sharp and I feel emotionally ready to pack my bags for another race. While I did not have that emotional aspect that I felt that I needed on race day, I was really happy with my second place finish. My physical and mental readiness were enough to push me through.

Two days after arriving home from Georgia, Michael and I were off to KONA for the World Championships. I hated missing last  year and I wanted to make sure that I was there to help ML with everything and anything that he needed. Plus I love the vibe that KONA offers. There is nothing like getting off of the plane, smelling the flowers and feeling the good energy the island offers. Not only is the vibe good, but I get to see my triathlon friends and sponsors all in the span of a week (which really isn’t enough time!)

Coffee Shack

During our two weeks in Kona, I did what I could to keep my fitness, but I made sure that Michael’s needs were my number one priority before race day. Anything and everything that I did or wanted to do came second. I still managed 14-16 hrs of training per week. In the span of two weeks, I was able to get in a 5hr ride, a 4hr ride, and a few 90′-2hr rides. I swam a handful of times and even got a couple of mild workouts in with my friend Kerrie’s 14 year old daughter, Rain. :) Running isn’t as fun for me on the Big Island. I don’t really like the way the pavement slants and the sun just seems to wear on me. I did manage one long run of 15 miles, two speed sessions on the treadmill and a few shorter runs.

Here is a picture of me and Tatiana Vertiz pre swim at the pier in KONA

Below is Kelly Liljeblad and me in the middle of a 5hr ride in Kona.

With ITU words just around the corner, I had been feeling a bit weary of racing. I was not confident in the training I had done in Kona and I did not like the feeling of being out of my routine. Like I said above, I like to have  nice, uninterrupted  blocks of training prior to races. However, after resuming my normal routine after arriving home, I soon realized the bits of training that I did do was just enough to keep my fitness. The hardest part for me so far has been trying to stay clear of my friend who are in their off season…you know who you are…:)

I don’t think I need to explain what this is guy is doing on his birthday...

The last week of training has been exceptional and I am feeling really good…only ten days to go before ITU Worlds…

Michael and I at the top of a very steep climb...

This time ML will be supporting me! :)