After Valentine was born, I really wanted to commit myself to writing about how our lives are transforming and how Valentine was changing and growing. Finding the time has been a challenge in itself. I felt inspired and had a few minutes…I wanted to share a few thoughts from the past couple of months.

Michael and I have been busy growing our different businesses. Michael had a job in Cabo this past March announcing-YOU ARE AN IRONMAN and translating Spanish to English and English to Spanish. For those of you who did not know, ML is fluent in Spanish. He has lived and has studied in Mexico and Spain. In his previous life, he was a High School Spanish teacher. Right now we are taking bets to see if Valentine first words will be in English or Spanish. Michael only speaks Spanish to Valentine. (Her sitter is a native Spanish Speaker who only speaks Spanish to her too).

A week in Mexico sounds divine especially if you want to escape snowy and cold Colorado in March. As organized and as structured as I am, I did not really realize what vacationing would be like with a 5 month old. The travel part was easy. Like I said, I am organized and structured. I overpacked diapers, wipes, toys, disinfectant. We carried VL in the baby bjorn bringing with us a plethora of bottles, milk, formula, and of course me…mom as I was her major food source. Instead of checking a bike and having tons of cycling gear, we checked the BOB stroller and a pack and play. We even timed travel around her nap time which was brilliant if I do say so myself. Once on the plane, I nursed her for take off and landing. We even offered the people sitting around us a drink in case VL started to cry or scream. Everything went perfectly without a peep.

Arriba!!! #cabo

One thing that I didn’t consider, however is that our baby is on a structured sleep and play routine which needs to stay in effect even when we are on vacation. For instance: Michael and I tried to eat dinner past 7pm (which is VL’s bed time). It didn’t go well. ML ended up taking the baby back to room so that she could sleep while I ate dinner. When I finished dinner, ML went to dinner so that he could eat.  Just because we are on vacation doesn’t mean that we can do whatever we want to do. We still have to keep her in her little routine or else she cries and becomes tired and miserable which included nap times: 9am-10am and 12p-2pm. We couldn’t just leave her in the room to sleep while we were out having fun. I just didn’t think about that. It became increasing difficult when ML worked 2 days straight, leaving me alone with the baby. I thought I had it all figured out, but unforuntately I mistimed everything. I tried waking up little VL so that I could eat dinner but she wasn’t going to have it. I ended up putting her back in her little crib while I ate 2 packets of peanut butter for dinner. I love learning lessons from a 5 month old. :)

Valentine loved the warmth and swimming while in Mexico. While her mother is no natural talent in the water, Valentine is for sure!

Who is excited about the beach? #cabobaby !

She loves the water and she loves to swim.

There were some hiccups here and there, but  I would say that Mexico was a total blast. Life surely has changed with a baby.

Yep, we are that

Finding the balance and the ability to fit everything in has been my biggest challenge. Michael and I constantly strive try to find the perfect balance and time for work, a little exercise, Valentine time, etc. We just try to prioritize as much as we can. Valentine is always number 1.

Can u believe some one asked me if I was a boy? #pinkleopard? #cabobaby! #arriba