Michael and I arrived after a long and very delayed flight into Baltimore Sunday night. Michael will be here for about 6 days and i will be here for about 10 days….
I’ve been sick the last week with an upper respirtory infection and I was hoping that I was almost in the clear, however, I now have a sore throat…grrrr. It feels like being sick will never end!
In any case, we have been having a great time so far. Monday night we met with the Baltimore area triathlon club to give a talk. The group was really fun to talk to as they interacted with us by asking lots of questions. (Sometimes when we give talks, we have shy groups that don’t ask too many questions.)
We have been catching up with friends and family the last day or so. It is so great to be back here as it has been about 3 years since retunrng for a proper visit. It almost seems as though ten days isn’t enough to fit everything in….but we can try!