ML uploaded all of our videos from our vacation. We did a lot of fun stuff and we had an amazing time in Kaua’i. It is so different from Kona and Maui and we feel so lucky to have visited!
Here are the top ten things that we did or saw on our visit:

5. Horse back riding in Princeville.
It was a very laid back ride, however, the hike to the waterfalls mid ride was well worth the expense. We had a great picnic lunch and we swam in a lagoon below a waterfall. Our guide was knowledgable, however a little overcontrolling and over opinionated when it came to how I like to ride (ie. my stirrup length…a little annoying) and to the ranch horses…a little different to our experience with rebecca in KONA which was truly amazing!
The only downside was that we left being a bit pissed as another guide seemed to keep insisting that we buy a t-shirt and tip our guide as we were signing the guestbook…hmmmm. Tipping would have been completely fine with us if we had known that tips were anticipated…oh well. Now we know…

4. Seeing the preggers monk seal…now that was just cool!

3. Driving the Waimea canyon. This is a MUST DO! The sights were amazing…and like Mike Mullins said, I can’t ruin it with a picture!

2. Kayaking with our friends down Wailua river and then hiking to gorgeous waterfalls.

1. Staying at the Hyatt regency in the most romantic room with my gorgeous husband! It is no wonder that Tiger Woods stays here when he visits Kaua’i. This hotel is killer!

Thanks again to my friend Mike for the hotel suggestion. (Mike planted just about every tree here after the last hurricane).

Some of the other things that I suggest doing are seeing the “tunnels”, eating shaved ice, and having a nice dinner at “tidepools”. These experiences made our vacation that much better.

Tonight we are on our way home…can’t wait to see Luna, Blue, and of course, Frisky…