Two months old today…What’s new with Valentine?


She recognizes Michael’s and my voice when either of us walks into a room.

She has a big beautiful smile that make me smile.

She LOVES playing on her play mat.


She loves our Christmas tree…especially the lights.


We went up to the mountains this past weekend where Valentine had lots of firsts. She went to her first wedding, and had a great time with Lisa and Emma at a 5 star restaurant, while Michael and I enjoyed some adult time. Valentine also did her first snowshoe endeavor with her dad,which I think Michael enjoyed more than she did! Lastly, and most importantly, she slept in her pack-n-play. I was worried that she wouldn’t like it, but it was perfect! We all had a sleep filled night.

My wedding babe.


Valentine is now officially the size of Luna. She is a whopping 12.5 pounds of power! At 5 weeks, she outgrew most of her newborn clothing. At eight weeks, she is officially in 3-6 months clothes, but she has even grown out of some of those! She is a healthy little chunk!


She is a sweet, mellow baby. She does have a meltdown every now and the – probably every 5 days to 10 days – just depending on her growth spurts.

She is sleeping a whole 9 hours a night without a dream feed. How did I do it? With a schedule that looks something like this:

7am-Wake up time (yes, I have to wake Valentine up!). Diaper change, sing along, etc.


7:45-8:45-Playtime on her mat. We sing songs and do some exercises.

8:45-9:45-Sleep in her room/crib (Yes, she has her own room with her own bed.)

9:45-wake up time-dress-diaper change-etc.

10:30-feed time, diaper change, etc.

11am-11:45-play time

12pm- mini feed (just an ounce or 1.5ounces)

12:30-2:30-Nap in her own crib

2:30-3pm: Change diaper, dress her, feed her.

3pm- Play time

4:15- Family walk

5pm- feed time, then bath (every other day).

Keeping the baby stimulated and awake/semi awake), we follow this protocol:

6:15pm-feed time (mini feed)

7:30pm-feed time (mini feed)

9:30pm-10:15-big feed (I feed her in her room, with her white noise machine ON, keeping it as mellow as possible.

10pm-10:30-relax and go to bed.

It took us until she was just under 6 weeks old to get her to this point. It was very gradual. The first few days of this schedule, we were getting 3 hour chunks of sleep… then 5 hour chunks… then 7 hr chunks, which all felt heavenly at the time.

The schedule changes every few weeks or so and we don’t worry too much if things don’t go “perfectly”, but this has been a great guideline for us. After all, it’s working. We are sleeping 8-9hrs straight!

Thank you LISA for suggesting the schedule!!!!


I feel like Michael and I are adjusting well to being parents. A month ago, I didn’t know if I would ever exercise again. Heck, I couldn’t even take a shower every day! But we rejoined Flatirons and did our first masters swim yesterday. I wasn’t able to do the whole class, but I swam about 2k. I even lifted weights. A year ago, a day like yesterday would have been considered an easy day. However, today I am so sore that I can barely sit on the toilet!

I made a little training program for myself to follow for the next few weeks. I needed a little plan to get me moving and excited to train and to race again. My first race back will be a 5k in February. I am stoked! I never realized how much I missed training until I couldn’t do it.

My training program for the next few weeks looks like this:

Monday: Walk/Run for 3 miles (I can currently run 26 minutes without having to walk). It takes me a full 34 minutes to do 3 miles.

Tuesday: Swim and lift. If I have time, I bike 30′ in the afternoon.

Wednesday: 3 mile run

Thursday: Same as Tuesday

Friday: OFF

Saturday: Mini Swim (500meters-1k) and run 2 miles

Sunday: 4 mile run

When I got the “go-ahead” to exercise again (at 6 weeks), I started on the treadmill with the Lightspeed Training system. Basically this takes off 30 pounds of my own weight, making it more comfortable to run. (I am currently  8-10 pounds over my pre pregnancy weight). Today I ran outside as it was a beautiful 68 degrees outside!

My tummy is shrinking every day, but it still looks like I drank too much beer and ate an entire pizza the night before. If I suck it in, I have a flat belly with what looks like one AB. From what I read, my uterus has shrunk to its normal size, but my abdominals are stretched out and need some more time to shrink back to “normal”. Hopefully a little bit of exercise will help that little issue.

No one told me how hard breastfeeding would be. The first two weeks HURT like crazy. And now I have a love/hate relationship with it. I love what it does for my baby. She is fat and happy. My feeding her soothes her more than a bottle of breast milk. And I do love the closeness and the bond that we have because of it. However, I feel like I am either attached to her, or I am pumping my day away. She is a smart little girl. Sometimes she fakes me out by acting hungry. But the only thing she really wants to do is to grab my nipple with her little hand and pretend it’s a stick shift porsche! Sometimes, I feel like I need a break and I feel guilty for feeling that way…but it’s true.  Today, hearing her cries made my breasts leak which forced me to buy a new shirt while shopping in Target. I have committed to it, and I am going to continue to do it and I am really glad that no one told me the hardships that came with it.

I look forward to the next month of firsts with Valentine…including visiting Santa and Christmas. 2013 has been special for us and I look forward to 2014!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!