Boulder 70.3

Date: 7/8/11

Rank: 3rd

Time: 4:23.55

Quick update:

I was really pleased to podium at the Boulder 70.3. Here is a brief update before writing my full report tomorrow!

I had a pretty good swim. I actually got beat up the first 25 meters and lost my pack of swimmers. I didn’t fret or worry as I knew that I had been swimming very well the last few weeks. I put my head down, didn’t look up one time, and finally caught the group  within another 10-15 minutes. As soon as I caught them, I slipped into their rhythm easily. It was a lot easier than the pace that I swam getting back to them!

On the bike, I rode extremely well the first loop. I believe I actually put a little time into Kelly Williamson! I faltered a bit on the second lap. I held it together, but I did lose my temper a bit with a couple of male (and a female) age groupers…OMG…the course was packed on that 2nd loop!

On the run, the pace was easy and comfortable on the first loop. I felt amazing and I felt like i was having a great day! All was going REALLY well until 3 miles to go when I started to cramp a bit and see some black spots. My stomach had been a little woosy and I did not take any calories in on the run…small tactical error…Lucky for me, the girls behind me didn’t catch up and I finished in 3rd!

Thanks to all of my friends for the text, FB messages, tweets, etc! I appreciate all of you and your messages mean the world!  A full report will follow tomorrow!

Thanks for reading!