Ironman Timberman 70.3

Date: 22/8/10

Rank: 6th

Time: 4:32.51

I arrived race morning with plenty of time to set up, do a warm-up, and get settled in for the 70.3 Timberman. It was business as usual with absolutely NO snafus. Everything went along as planned and things seemed easy.

I had a fairly slow swim start but I was able to get a good rhythm after the first turn buoy. My swim was very average; somewhat below average. I just felt flat…but I was happy that I picked up momentum as I swam along, passing girls as I continued. I was able to catch a little group and stuck in there until we exited. I exited with my friend, Jacqui, and two other girls… I wasn’t too disappointed in my swim as I haven’t been swimming well in training lately. I can’t put my finger on it why…but sometimes that’s just they way it goes.

As the bike leg started, it was business as usual. I go out hard and I try to hold that pace for as long as I can. A couple of girls passed me, I passed a couple of girls. I was never by myself . I loved that aspect. I felt like I was racing during the entire bike portion of the race. The bike course, while beautiful, is extremely difficult. There were times that I felt lows like I do in an Ironman. Basically, I felt low in energy and couldn’t get it going. I felt FLAT. I think I definitley needed more food out there. I had three gels and EFS. But during the race, I was hungry. This usually never happens to me. Next time, however, I plan on bringing more food!

I started the run feeling a bit labored and unsteady. My breathing was extremely labored and I ran “tight”. It took a while to get a rhythm. I was bonking a bit, but I was able to eventually feel good and get myself sorted. I ended the day in 6th place. I achieved a few goals and learned a bit more about myself. I call that a good day!

As an athlete we always want to be better, place higher. I am a competitive person and it would be false if I said that I thought placing 6th is awesome. However, what I know is that my place in the standings isn’t the big picture. I raced Timberman trying different tactics and nutrition and 98% of what I tried did work. I am so pleased!

I am feeling very excited about the next few months. I am eager to get back to training, getting fitter and faster!

Many thanks to all of my sponsors who make racing and training for triathlon possible at this level. I have the BEST equipment in the sport! I love my Splish suits, my Kestrel Airfoil equipped with FSA parts and ZIPP wheels, my Saucony Kinvara’s, First Endurance EFS, my Blue Seventy wetsuit, my ISM saddle, my tiny Louis Garneau helmet, and my Oakley Sunnies! Thank you to Boulder Running Company, Norma-Tec MVP, & Brand Betty! You guys rock! I am so grateful!